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5810C 001 Mining Law & Project Finance (ST)

This course satisfies Module 3 for the Area of Concentration: Business Law.
Essay RequirementYes, this course will satisfy the Faculty of Law essay requirement
Enrollment Restriction25
Instruction Instruction is by lectures.
Assessment Assessment Components

The assessment for the paper is 80% research essay (proposal and final essay) and 20% class participation (seminar and general). In more detail that is as follows:

10% - Essay Research Proposal

10% - Class Presentation

70% - Essay, final written form

10% - Class Participation, general

Materials Prescribed Book:

Barton, Canadian Law of Mining (Calgary: Canadian Institute of Resources Law, 1993).

Recommended Journals:

Alberta Law Review

Australian Resources and Energy Law Journal UWO electronic resource, from v. 1 1982 but excepting the last couple of years.

Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association Yearbook UWO electronic resource, from Jan. 1 1999 to the present.

Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law. UWO electronic resource, from Jan. 1, 1983 to the present.

Resources Policy Elsevier UWO electronic resource, from 1974. Hard copies of Vols 1 (1995) to 28 (2002). (hard copies at DBW and ARCC).

Recommended Books:

Andrews-Speed, Philip, ed, International Competition for Resources: The Role of Law, the State, and of Markets (Dundee: Dundee University Press, 2008). UWO Law Library K3478.I58 2008.

Barton, Regulating Energy and Natural Resources (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006). UWO Library.

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Description An examination of the law concerning mineral exploration, financing, and development. The course will include close study of mining legislation concerning land available for mineral activity, competition among companies, acquisition of mineral title, and title disputes. Commercial agreements for mineral development will be examined, including options and joint ventures. Financing through stock exchanges and otherwise will be discussed. Issues concerning first nations, international mineral activity and the environment will be addressed.

The course is made possible with the Stephen Dattels Fellowship in Mining and Finance Law. The support of Mr Dattels for the programme is acknowledged with thanks.