Western Law

5833C 001 Competition Law and Policy (ST)

This course satisfies Module 3 for the Area of Concentration: Business Law.
Essay RequirementYes, this course will satisfy the Faculty of Law essay requirement
Enrollment Restriction25
Instruction Students should expect to come to class having prepared the scheduled readings and associated questions, and ready to participate in class discussion. The classes will include a mix of lectures, class discussion, some small group work and research time.
Assessment 15% Course participation,
20% 2x short papers (500 words each) and associated presentation of short paper in class
65% research paper essay (10,000 words)
Materials Electronic materials available on the course management system (WebCT).
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Description Most developed market economies seek by legislative intervention to promote competitive markets as part of the system for the efficient allocation of resources. Competition law or antitrust as it is called in the United States attempts to ensure that the market mechanism is not endangered through the aggregation of economic power or monopolistic practices or concerted anti-competitive conduct between market participants. This course will examine all three areas which can endanger the market mechanism. In particular it will examine:

The origins and development of competition law.

Concerted anti-competitive conduct including price fixing cartels and exclusive dealing.

Monopolisation including refusals to supply, tying, predatory pricing and sham litigation.

Merger control.