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Schlemmer, Jeff

Neighbourhood Legal Services, London

Professor Schlemmer has taught in the Faculty of Law since 1994. He is the Executive Director of Neighbourhood Legal Services, a community legal clinic operated by Legal Aid Ontario. He is a past President of the Middlesex Law Association, and a past Vice-Chair of the London Police Services Board. Prior to joining Neighbourhood Legal Services he practiced civil litigation for a number of years at Siskind, Cromarty, Ivey & Dowler.

Professor Schlemmer has acted in a variety of leading test cases, including the Masse case relating to welfare benefit rates, and the Falkiner case regarding the “spouse-in-the-house” rule for social assistance recipients. He has done considerable work around law reform - advocating for the underprivileged, including extensive appearances in television, radio and print media, along with concentrated lobbying at all government levels, and extensive political work. He has lectured extensively in the area of poverty law and policy.

Professor Schlemmer has been very active in community organizations, and was awarded the Canada 125 medal by Lieutenant Governor Hal Jackman for “significant contribution to compatriots, community & Canada", and has been named to the Mayor's Honours List for the City of London.

Teaching In 2013-2014

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