Western Law

Perry, Mark

LLB (Manchester) 1976, DipCompSci, (Auckland) 1995, MJur (Auckland) 1998. Barrister and Solicitor, Law Society of Upper Canada

Professor Perry was jointly appointed to the Faculty of Law and the Department of Computer Science, in 1999, following seven years at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law. Professor Perry’s legal research remains focused on the intersection of law and technology, with particular emphasis on Open Innovation, intellectual property rights, software licensing, and the blossoming field of biotechnology law. Being jointly appointed, Professor Perry has to address platforms in both Law and Computer Science, and in the last year prelected audiences from these disciplines in India, Australia, Brasil and New Zealand. In addition to papers published in Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States, he was a regular commentator for television, radio and the newspapers in his areas of research. He is currently Associate Dean, Research, Graduate Studies, & Operations.


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Email: mperry@uwo.ca
Phone: 519 661-2111 ext. 88599